Are Gay Orgies Normal?


The idea of a bunch of men naked in the same room going at it with each other is a huge turn on to some gay men and to others it is not. It is easy to put gay men in a separate category assuming all they care about is sex. Well, the truth about it is that is completely untrue. Okay, maybe not completely untrue, but probably only half untrue and here is why. Gay men are no different than any of the rest of the men and women out there. There are men and women who are all about the hot passionate crazy and dirty sex. Then there are the men and women who want to be completely monogamous. Gay people are the same there are some of each.

Gays find pleasure in having group sex because it is in one word: hot! They are able to live out their manly inhibitions and men tend to be very visual and tactile creatures who just want to get off. If you are gay and have never watched a gay orgy, turn one on. You will probably blow your load faster than normal. Orgies are extremely stimulating and in every way. You can slide you cock in one hole while you have your mouth being filled by a cock so deep that you are choking on it. That intense act brings up the tension in the room and if you don’t want foreplay you can skip it. A room with a bunch of guys might just be what the doctor ordered.

If it is not for you, then don’t do it as it is completely respectable to be gay and not be that kind of gay. Often, people who are into orgies might be more likely to be bisexual than gay and be in it simply for the act of sex. It isn’t a love thing and maybe it shouldn’t be unless of course, you are together in it. It really doesn’t matter either way whether it is something you enjoy or something you do not care for. It is all about your likes and dislikes and if you like it than it is normal. If you don’t like gay orgies that is also completely normal. In this world, whether you are gay, bisexual, straight, lesbian or transexual we all spend to much time telling each other what is normal. If you love doing it then it is normal for you and there is nothing wrong with that ever.

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